From Digital to Print (RGB to CMYK/PANTONE)

Photo by  Robert Katzki  on  Unsplash

The most common question we get from clients, what is RGB/CMYK or PANTONE?

In short, these are color spectrum’s used to create the colors we perceive visually on our digital screens/ printed posters.

RGB essentially uses the primary colours found in our digital platforms, Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B).

CMYK is what we see with our eyes on physical objects brochures/posters printed stuff. The pigments are Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) , Black (K). They are mainly used for Print.

In this diagram, we can see that what the eyes perceive is more vibrant than RGB > CMYK. For this reason, it is because CMYK accounts for the lack of light passing through.



Pantone on the other hand is a color matching system. It uses a spot system of combining 18 basic colors, not with screens (RGB) or dots (CMYK).

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) has a unique code to each colour combination usually it starts with PANTONE <digit> <alphabet>.

Thus in terms of the amount of possible color combinations, PANTONE > RGB > CMYK.

PANTONE is able to replicate both RGB and CMYK colours. However most designers work in the space of RGB, CMYK.

A Photography Package Is More Than Just The Cost

Alot of people would use the price as a gauge when engaging videographer or photographer for their event or even big day. However, not all price are “value-for-money” like how you think it is.

Imaging being asked to choose between various phone model, would you be the one that goes for a thousand dollar phone or one that meets the basic function such as call and text? While both are phone, the price is so different due to its specification and amount of R&D effort undertaken.

Here are 4 things that would ensure that you maximize your photography package. If you don’t feel like going through the hustle, lets chat and we could be of much help too. :)

  1. Image Quality & Style

    Every photographer has their own style of presenting their work. Be clear on what style you prefer and make sure that the photographers could provide the relevant portfolio for the work that you are looking for

  2. Personality

    The last thing you want is to have a photographer that turn up with a cold shoulder (though some introvert photographer does a good job too). Before the engagement of service, it would be good to talk to the photographer and build up a bit of rapport. if it doesn’t work, it would not be too late to look for another one.

  3. Experience

    One of the key consideration should be the experience of the photographer and videographer. Usually, the price tag gets higher when you are engaging an experienced photographer. I do remember the days where our corporate rate was just $40 dollars and we did it nonetheless (This was in 2012 when we were just a bunch of students).

  4. Package and Cost

    But all-in-all, you are the paying customer and you should look at how much you are willing to pay. Do select a package within your costing so as to ensure that your budget is well under control. A few years back we saw some photographers promising their client that they are guaranteed unlimited shots while others offer “100 Photos per hour”. We were stunned and out of curiosity, we chatted with some of them and ask if they did process it properly. Sadly, based on the review online and all, the unlimited photos would mean the same shot in 100 variation with some featuring your unglamorous shot.

Bonus, if you are looking for photography package, look no more! we are giving a 20% off our standard rate (U.P. $150) , simply contact us via our website or check out using our online store!

Avery Tim
Senior Photographer

Photography Services
from 100.00

The Photography package is good for people who wants to do ad-hoc photoshoot for their personal or corporate project including Birthday, Corporate Retreat. 

The package includes:

  1. 1-2 Photographer(s) for the said duration

  2. Photo-Processing of Images

  3. HD processes Photos via CD/Thumbdrive/Secured Portal

  4. Social Media Optimised Photos

If you are looking for Actual Day Wedding Photography/Videography Package. Do refer to the AD Photo/Video Package instead.

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